An Introduction to Nursi’s Approach to the Wisdom of Bodily Resurrection in Islam

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Keywords: hereafter, bodily resurrection, corporeality, corporeal pleasures, Divine Names, Divine purposes, praying, Avicenna, Ghazzali, Said Nursi


Cuneyt M. Simsek[1]


To believe in the hereafter is one of the most important pillars of belief in Islam. This pillar is so important that almost thirty percent of the Qur’an explicitly or implicitly speaks of the resurrection and the hereafter. In this context the question if the life in the hereafter is physical or not is of great importance. The author of this paper analyzes some wisdom that requires physical resurrection in the light of Said Nursi’s works. The first part of this paper discusses the reasons for bodily existence or corporiality and the following part some arguments used for bodily resurrection in the light of Nursi’s ideas.


[1]     Cuneyt M. Simsek is a Ph.D. candidate at Georgetown University, Washington;