The Scientific Ideas in Bediuzzaman Said Nursi’s Risale-i Nur

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Keywords: Nursi, Ottoman, Risale-i Nur, Turkey


Qaisar Mohammad[1]


At the beginning of the 20th century, there was a highly prominent scientific establishment that looked down on religion and all forms of the divine. The claim was even made that a reasonable person could not possibly believe in God, and with the expanding domination of sciences and materialistic philosophy, some argued, religions and faith were becoming outdated. Said Nursi is a contemporary religious scholar who recognized the realities of time and followed them rather than opposing or ignoring them. He strove with all his strength to revive the spirit of religion and convey Islamic thought to those who had lost themselves in Western civilization. He combated in a scientific way the irreligious movements whose main objective was to sow and spread the seeds of materialism and atheism. He approached religion like a scientist by challenging the intellect with deep probing questions related to theology and religion and then looking for answers using rational arguments based on logic and observations. He started his work in a difficult transitional period when Turkey was going through a fanatical trend of adopting modern science and Europeanism as quickly as possible.

[1]    Lecturer, Department of Islamic Studies, Higher Education, Jammu and Kashmir, India 190008. Also: M. Phil. on “Socio-Political Change in Turkey: A Study of Transition from Caliphate to Secular Republic” (Result Awaited) Submitted at Islamic University of Science and Technology Awantipora Jammu and Kashmir, India 192122. Email / Cell #: / +91 9419033961. Residence: Firdousabad Bypass Batmaloo Tengpora Chowk Lane 19 near J&K Bank ATM, Srinagar Kashmir India 190009.