The Concept of Contagiousness in Ahadith

  • Jriss Admin
Keywords: 'adwa, majdhüm, reliable, al-thiqat, weak


A thorough study of hadıth literature reveals that there are two broad categories of
ahadıth regarding the concept of contagiousness. One set negates this conception while
the other alludes to its occurrence. On the one hand, the phrase la 'adwa appears in the ahadıth, a
phrase that means that there is no contagion. The Holy Prophet {may peace and greetings be upon
him} has also been reported to have eaten a meal with a leper, ignoring the danger of the
contagiousness of leprosy. On the other hand, the Holy Prophet {may peace and greetings
be upon him} has also commanded, "firra min al-majdhümi kama tafirru min al-asadi," that
is, "run away from a leper justl like you run away from a lion." He has also given clear
instructions regarding plague. He forbade people to go to a plague- stricken region and
commanded those who were in the region where the disease had bro- ken out to stay there. This
instruction should be taken as a preventive measure against plague, which is a contagious
disease. Both categories of ahadıth seem to contradict each other and demand detailed insight into
this matter to remove this apparent contradiction.