Impact of the Ten Comandments as a Universal Manual for the Human Race

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Keywords: Human race


True education emancipates and liberates people from the shackles of ignorance. it is
widely acknowledged that one of the greatest threats facing humanity is the problem of in- security
and disobedience that is not only slowing down the anticipated spiritual develop- ment but also
poses a danger to human existence. The vital role that commandments of Al- lah {SWT) take in
modifying human codes of conduct cannot be overemphasized: they calls for unity, peace, and
exemplify harmonious relations between all races and nations, most especially with Allah {SWT) who
created us. The main objective of this article is to examine the creation of all beings and why we
are created, then to look at the need to remember Allah at all times and His commandments for our
daily lives. The methodology used here was the investigation of the Holy Qur'an, the hadith
and a general expository approach. The findings showed that it is important to know one's
creator and why one was created. Understanding His commandments as a manual for us is also
important. This article con- cludes that all creatures, whether one is a Muslim, Christian an
adherent of another reli- gion, should recognize the existence of Allah's commandments as a manual
for life. The ar- ticle points out that every living soul will account on the Day of Judgment for
all his own deeds in particular and for those of all human beings in general.