Islamic Spirituality

Adhkar al-Tarbiyah in Tijjani- yah Tradition; A Spiritual Journey

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Keywords: Adhkar, Divine, lmpact of Dhikr, Spiritual Journey, Sufi and Tijjaniyah


The focus of this article is the concept of interiority in the lslamic spiritual journey to
God through analyzing 'Adhkör al-Tarbiyah ritual; it is the initiation of murids' (followers) into
a journey to highest order of divinity, being the goal of murids. However, the details of the
al-Tarbiyah rituals is the same for everyone, the experience reported varied from indi- vidual to
another. The bottom line is that, they share same common moderate sense of ex- istence, believing
that it is the way to unlock the secret of universal divine unity.
The paper applied qualitative research methodology and sub-case study design. The paper
explored at first-hand level and presented the case of Tijjaniyah followers that expe- rienced
Adhkar al-Tarbiya and its influence on their life. The study made attempt to answer the
philosophical question of human psycho-spirituality through exploring Adhkar al- Tarbiya
of Tijjaniyah tradition. The study concluded that spiritual journey from Tijjaniyah
tradition does a serious impact in producing a balanced individual.